Your Personal Decorating Plan!

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A beautiful home doesn’t just happen.  Good decorating is the result of good planning.  What should be included in your decorating plan?  Everything that needs to be done – a comprehensive “wish” list, timing paramenters, priorities – by room and product – and most importantly – your budget.   The more specific your plan – the better!

Most people feel the need to have some professional assistance in creating and implementing their decorating plans.  With the myriad of products available in the market today, it’s impossible for most homeowners to truly know what exciting design products and possibilities are available to them.  That’s where we come in.  Professional interior decorators, like those at Decorating Den Interiors,  have the talent, experience and special knowledge to pull it all together – perfectly – for you and your family’s lifestyle.  And the added bonus of working with a professional is that we can truly save you time and money by helping you make wise – long lasting decisions. 

So, how do you begin your personal decorating plan.  Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

1.  Evaluate your home room by room.  What do you like the most?  The least?  Does your overall color scheme need updating?  What do you want to keep?  Eliminate?  Redo?

2.  Create a Decorating Notebook filled with photographs of rooms that “speak” to you.  Perhaps it’s a photo showing a room’s furniture arrangement that you find particularly appealing.  Or, maybe it’s a gorgeous window treatment that creates an awesome focal point in a room.   As you’re flipping through the pages of a home furnishings magazine,  we suggest you look at each room’s photograph with a critical eye.  It’s a proven fact, that sometimes it’s easier to say what we don’t like about a room or color…so don’t be hard on yourself if you find this process a bit difficult! 

And speaking of home furnishings magazines, have your seen our Decorating Den Interiors ads in the current issues of Romantic Homes, Bed and Bath, YUM kids, Romantic Living, Coastal Living and the February/March issue of Traditional Home?  GREAT magazines – filled with great ideas, and our beautiful full page ads!

3.  Think about money.  It’s a necessary evil in everything we do, isn’t it!  But establishing a budget and a priority list for your decorating plan will be key to helping your professional decorator match design ideas with products custom made for YOU!

Once you’ve done your homework, and created a decorating plan that makes sense to you, your last and final step is to call in one of the fabulous professionals from Decorating Den.  We pride ourselves on listening to YOU and creating YOUR PERFECT design solution!



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With the holiday season behind us, timing is perfect  to give our rooms a fresh new look…a look filled with the promise of renewed energy, optimism and brighter happier days!

 Have you ever stopped to realize how much color affects your daily moods…your inspiration…your enthusiasm?  Here are some HOT 2012 color trends guaranteed to inspire your own “new look”.

 Oh La La Orange!  Yes,Orange is definitely one hot color for 2012.  A juicy, enticing orange – filled with a fresh appeal and a jolt of energy!  Accessories – such as lamps, decorative pillows, bowls, ceramics and artwork could be the perfect orange accent to spice up a tired room’s design.


Pretty in Purple!  This sweet lilac shade, with just a hint of pink can be a wonderful addition to your room’s makeover.   Purple hues can add a bit of uniqueness and romance to any room, especially when used in bedding ensembles.


Blossoming Blue!  Blue is always a classic shade guaranteed to calm the soul and give order to your daily routine.  It’s such a versatile color, dependably working well with every color in your overall color palette.  Today’s maritime blue shade could quite possibly become your main backdrop color.  From walls to area rugs, to softly textured fabrics, this classic shade could become your color anchor.


Everything’s coming up Rosy-RED!  Nothing adds more pizzazz to any room’s décor than a delicious touch of red – especially when you select a shade has just a hint of rose. 

Beautiful Blue-Green- This hot spring color is sure to make your spirits soar.  Why not try incorporating this lively whimsical color combination in a beautiful new Upholstered sofa.  What a great impact this color can add!


Natural Neutrals – A soft blending of beige and grays with a slightly weathered feel is going to be this springs hot new neutral.  Think of a weathered piece of driftwood washing up on the shore, and you’ll be able to find a variety of places to incorporate this wonderful new neutral. 




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No matter how long you’ve lived in your home, it’s always fun to shake things up a little bit  – and what better time to think about giving one – two or even three rooms in your home a brand new makeover!   A fresh new look will definitely have a positive impact on every single person who lives in your home.  Just think about the enjoyment you would derive by sharing something new for your friends, family and guests to admire!  Here are just a few ideas to help you get started on your makeover!

COLOR YOUR WORLD!  If you’re living in an all white or beige world, than nothing will spark your room’s makeover faster than color!  Perhaps it’s just one simple accent wall painted a dramatic and exciting color.  Maybe a new piece of art will find a new home over your fireplace mantle – adding color and spice to your family room.  Replacing a worn area rug that’s seen better days with a new textured multi-colored area rug might “fit the bill” perfectly.  Nothing adds more instantaneous drama and pizzazz to you room’s entire décor more than color! 


REARRANGE!  Although new furniture definitely gives any home an instant face lift, often times, it’s not something new you crave – but perhaps simply a new furniture arrangement plan.  Have you consider transferring pieces from one room to another?  Have you tried angling your larger furniture pieces?  Have you considered adding a new accent table or two?  Maybe reupholstering that chair or sofa will do the trick.  Often time, small changes can make the biggest impact.

LIGHTING!  Unfortunately, improper and inadequate room lighting is very common.  Few things can rekindle our spirits on a gray, rainy or snowy day like a home’s interior bathed in warm light.  In fact, good artificial lighting is known to have such a positive effect on one’s moods, that some consider it preventive medicine.  When developing a lighting plan, you first need to take stock of what types of activities you enjoy in each of the rooms that you’re consider making over.  Then call in a professional decorator to help determine the best lighting plan to accommodate your activities. 

So, if a few rooms in your home are crying for a facelift, then there’s no better time than NOW to begin the process.  You, your family and your home will definitely benefit from a brand new look!



5 Holiday Decorating Must Haves!

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The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s never too early to enhance your holiday decor.  For inspiration, here’are a few GREAT ideas to make this season your most beautiful ever!

1.  Let there be LIGHT!  Soft, glowing light is complementary to you and your guests.  Once you’ve turned the lights down low, bring out the candles by the boxful.  From tall and tapered to short and stout, candles set a celebratory tone.  For the most dramatic impact, group candles just as you would any other collectible.  You could even consider displaying them on a silver platter.

2.  Haul out the Holly!  When choosing plants to help add holiday cheer, think beyond the traditional poinsettias.  Fill metallic vases with bouquest of fresh flowers and holly.  Or choose beautifully shaped topiaries covered with red cock’s comb or pepperberries.

3.  Sparkle and Shine!  Holiday ornaments aren’t just for holiday trees anymore.   How about displaying some in an oversized bowl or clear glass urn and set the arrangement on your coffee table.  You can even use round glass balls as place cards by writing each guest’s name on them, and set them around your holiday table.









4.  Wrap it up with Ribbon!  Ribbon can be used for much more than wrapping presents.  Use French wire ribbon, in a variety of widths, to tie bows on your holiday tree. Or instead of a garland of greenery, wrap your bannister with ribbon.  You can also hang holiday cards from your mantle or shelf using narrow ribbons in holiday colors.









5.  The Wonder of Wreaths.  Whether you prefer wreaths made of natural materials or some of the lovely permanent florals on the market today, wreaths are an absolute muswt for any holiday home.  In addition to their traditional place on the front door, or over the mantle, smaller wreaths can be used as curtain tiebacks or even napkin rings!

Home for the Holidays!!

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When the holidays begin approaching, I find that many of our clients enjoy creating a warm and festive atmosphere in their homes.  So, here are a few suggestions to help you give your home a cozy and warm holiday glow!

Foyers set the stage in every home!  It’s where a GREAT first impression is sure to be made.  Why not consider dressing  your front door with a spectacularly designed holiday wreath – something a bit out of the ordinary!  Perhaps a wreath filled with the bounty of mother nature – dried fruits, nuts, seashells, cranberries, pine cones.  The more unique the better.  Even dried flowers mixed in among natural evergreen boughs will definitely help you set the stage for your holiday decor.

Moving beyond your foyer, family and friends generally settle in your living or family room.  The centerpiece of either room is typically a brightly decorated holiday tree.  And if your room features a fireplace, then mantle decorating is a must.  Candles, pine cones, and holiday stockings (hung with care!) will add just the right festive touch to your fireplace area.  Typically, furniture needs to be slightly rearranged to accomodate your family’s holiday tree.  Be sure to keep these newly arranged pieces in a comfortable and conversatiional grouping.

And if you have houseguests, think of ways you can make their visit with you even more special.  Beautify the guest room with just a touch of holiday magic.  Create that special welcoming touch using holiday inspired accent pillows on the bed, or drape a holiday designed throw over a side chair.

Above all else, when decorating for the holidays make sure to put your own family’s personality into everything you do.  Preparing to welcome family and guests to your home is alot of fun – and it’s also a great excuse to complete that long-overdue decorating project.


It’s a Holly Jolly Holiday HOME!!

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That’s right!  It won’t be long now before we’ll be celebrating the holidays – hopefully with family and friends from far and near.  For so many of us, this is such a special time of happiness.   We think and plan our holiday gift giving, meals, special parties and events – even our holiday wardrobe typically gets a bit of a makeover.  So why not consider truly “decking your halls” with a little bit of holiday inspiration.  Here are a few ideas to help you get your own creative juices flowing!

CANDLES, CANDLES, EVERYWHERE!  If one pair of candlesticks on your fireplace mantel looks terrific, then a collection of candles in varying shapes and sizes would be absolutely spectacular!!  Candles are a sure bet to give any room in your home a soft romantic holiday glow!   The more eclectic the collection – the better!!  From fireplace mantle to your holiday inspired dining table, candles are always a design pleaser!










SPARKLE AND SHINE!  Mirrors, silver and gold ornaments and trays,  crystal bowls, vases, picture frames and candlesticks will all help enhance your holiday home decor.  Often times the simpliest accessory display can have the most dramatic impact.  Visualize a gorgeous vintage crystal bowl, filled with the sparkle and shine of silver and gold ornaments in varying sizes.  And nestled between the ornaments are a few well places grape or poinsetta leaves.  Or, perhaps you’d prefer wrapping a wall mirror with silver and gold bows, ala, a holiday package.  Adding spice and drama to your holiday design plan is easy to accomplish when you incorporate just a bit of sparkle and shine!









FESTIVE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!  How about putting a little GREEN in to your holiday design plan by using nature’s bounty in a decorative way.  Adding cloves to oranges, limes or lemons will create a beautiful and fragrant pomander.  Simply stacking fresh lemons or limes in a tall glass hurricane can make a truly impressive decorative statement.  Creating a holiday wreath filled with lemons, oranges, and limes is another great way to add some “green” to your design plan.









There are dozens more ways to make your guests and family feel at home for the we’ll be sharing just a few more GREAT decorating tips with you in the coming weeks!  ENJOY!




Creating YOUR Perfect Home Office!

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Gone are the days when you only had the choice of a desk and chair for your home office.  Today’s home office furnishings options are all but endless.  So, first things first!  As with any decorating project, you first need is to determine what you want to accomplish in your new home office, and then match those needs with the right furnishings!

While many people purchase a conventional desk, more and more are requiring extra space.  If you fall into this category, you might consider a workstation.  With an L-shaped configuration, you should find that it provides approximately twice the work space of a traditional desk.  Plus, the storage options are virtually endless – cubbyholes, drawers and cabinets are all designed to store office essentials.


Another popular workstation option is the office armoire: two tall doors open to reveal a drop down work surface and plenty of storage space.  Available in a multitude of design styles and furniture finishes, these popular pieces can easily fit into any design style.


Chairs, too, have vastly improved in terms of aesthetics as well as comfort.  This is one place you can really put a personal stamp on your home office.  Who says you can’t work from a traditional wing chair?  Or even a country style Adirondack chair?  Once you’ve determined your style preference, you need to give careful consideration to the ergonomics.  If you spend a majority of your time working at a computer, you may want to opt for a chair with separate adjustments for lumbar and lower back support, arm width and height, seat back angle and seat height.








Another extremely important consideration in creating the home office of your dreams is storage.  Books, files, mail, magazines, and a plethora of other paperwork are essential to any full-fledged office – and as we all know – every piece of paper deserves its own home.  Take stock of how many linear feet of open and closed storage you need right now, then multiply that figure by 25% to 50% to allow for future growth.  Once you’ve come to a comfortable conclusion, consider various storage options – everything from conventional steel files to traditional wood cabinetry.








And finally, don’t forget those furnishings that will put the “home” in “home office”.  Decorative lighting, an ottoman for put-your-feet-up comfort, even a home entertainment unit can add up to an office ready for any job.  And of course, those finishing touches – custom window treatments, area rugs, artwork and collectibles will all help to say, “This is my space!” 










Given the right decorative approach, you’ll find it hard to leave work when 5 o’clock rolls around!