Window Treatments with Drama and Panache!

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Nothing gives a room more drama and pizzazz than beautifully designed window treatments. 

Consider your living room.  Often times these rooms boast of some sort of outstanding architectural feature….perhaps a fireplace, soaring ceiling, tall windows.  Whatever architectural feature your living room possesses, a beautiful window treatment is a must.  The more eleaborate the treatment, the more it will add to the overall beauty of your room.  And if budget is a consideration, it’s always better to drape a window generously with a lesser priced fabric, then to skimp with a costly one.


If a bold decorative statement is called for, perhaps a luxuriously designed swag and jabot treatment designed in a soft flowing silk fabric, or dramatic taffeta would be to your liking. 

If you’d like to subtly frame your windows, then lush side panels mounted on a unique decorative rod would give your windows a very subtle, yet dramatic impact.

Not only do custom window treatments add beauty, design and uniqueness to your decorating plan, they are truly crafted for you and your windows alone.  No two designs are complete alike, because they will project your personal and style and no one else’s!


Creative Window Design Combinations!

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Want to spark up a humdrum room in your home?  Then, I suggest you consider adding a lively and vibrant print fabric to your room’s overall design.

 And focusing on your window treatments is a wonderful way to add a bit of drama and pizzazz into your decorating plan.  You can create a great impact by using a print fabric at your windows.  Prints can be used in a variety of creative ways.



If your home is a bit more contemporarily styled, incorporating an impressionist print in a cornice, or a Roman Shade would definitely revitalize your room’s atmosphere.


Or, if your style is more traditional, side panels, a traversing drapery, billowing balloon shade, or swag and jabot treatment might just be your perfect choice.


Mixing and matching prints and colors can bring even more vitality into any room.  Often tricky for the untrained eye to visualize multiple combinations used in harmony, a professional decorator can help you make wise and long lasting design decisions

Confused about Window Treatments?

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I hear this question often.  And, because windows vary so much in style, construction and function, they always end up playing an extremely important role in every decorating plan.  Here are some things you need to think about before planning your next custom window treatment design.

 1.  Function.  How is the window being used?  Do you need to block outdoor light?  Is privacy your priority?  Or, do you have a beautiful view that needs capturing?

 2.  Focal points.  Are your windows a natural dramatic architectural feature of your room?  If so, you have a built-in focal point, and should plan your treatments accordingly.  If not, then consider working with a professional decorator to make your window treatments true show stoppers!







3.  Style.  What’s yours?  Casual?  Formal?  Traditional? Contemporary?  Window treatment designs vary greatly by design style, so think about the ultimate style and feeling you’d like to incorporate into their design.

 4.  Challenges?  Are your windows too small?  Too large?  A carefully designed window treatment can actually be a clever cover-up to any window challenge.








Because there are so many fabulous window treatment design options available today, it’s wise to start doing your homework early.   And remember, by working with a professional decorator like those at Decorating Den, your window treatments are guaranteed to be the perfect design and function solution!

Outdoor Decorating At Its FINEST!

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The line between indoors and outdoors continues to blur as many of us want to take our indoor comforts and solitude outdoors.  This concept is becoming more realistic as many manufacturers of home products develop more and more appliances, furniture, lighting and accessories that can be used indoors or out.


People are driven to find peaceful sanctuaries as a prescription for our stressful lives. Outdoor patios and porches are becoming more sophisticated and refined, and are becoming a living extension of the indoor spaces. Three season indoor spaces are also making a come back.


Creating or renovating an outdoor space has many elements. Landscape design, stonework and carpentry are all critical components of designing your outdoor haven. Outdoor furnishings, lighting and accessories are also an essential element in your overall plan. As you begin the process and consider space planning and design be sure to include the entire family. You will be amazed at the wish list that you come up with.

Dining In STYLE!

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You’re probably thinking that decorating your dining room will be one of your easiest design tasks.  Not so!  Unfortunately, once most people select their dining table and chairs they tend to feel their decorating is complete!

And while purchasing beautiful dining room furniture is always the biggest, most impressive part of your dining room makeover, there are many more design elements to take into consideration.  Design products such as window treatments, area rugs and lighting are equally important to your overall design concept. 


Here are a few ideas you might want to consider before beginning your dining room makeover:

1.  Dining Chairs – far from a simple choice!    Look for comfort, as well as chairs that will enhance your overall design plan.  If you simply want to update the look of your dining room, consider slipper chairs – featuring gorgeous fabric that could coordinate with your window treatment design.  The simple addition of 2 of these beautiful chairs are guaranteed to give your dining room a whole new look!



2.  Dining tables – lots of shapes and sizes!  Be sure the size of your table fits not only your room, but your family as well.  Round and oval dining room tables provide an ease of conversation that most homeowners find very appealing.  Also, expandable tables, with drop leaves, built-in extensions or board inserts, are a must if you find yourself entertaining large gatherings.

 3.  Window Treatments – beauty and elegance!  Nothing adds more style and grace to a dining room makeover than custom window treatments.  From luxurious side panels to elegant swag and jabot treatments – whatever you’re fancy – window treatments will add a much needed focal point to your new dining room design.

Lullaby Land – Nursery Decorating Ideas

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If you are expecting the stork to pay a visit to your family in the near future, chances are you are thinking of the perfect nursery for your new baby.  Perhaps you are looking for something unique – something that isn’t found in every baby store.  When you use your imagination, the creative possibilities are endless.  From custom quilts to hand-painted wall murals, you can dream up some fun and exciting possibilities for your little one’s room that can last well beyond infancy. 

You will be amazed at the designer fabrics available for customizing your baby’s room.  It’s important to know that there are hundreds of fabrics that interior decorators offer which you won’t see in retail stores. 


If you are hoping to achieve unique walls, but don’t wish to contract an artist for an elaborate wall mural, you may find just what you’re looking for among the designer wall coverings.  From hot air balloons to teddy bears, crayons, to cats and dogs, the options are endless.  And the new wall adhesives are great ideas, too.  These wonderful pieces of children’s art stick to the wall without damaging the paint or wall-covering surface, so they peel up neatly years later. 


When selecting colors for the nursery, it’s so easy to be tempted by those dreamy, gentle pastels.  Remember, however, that babies love black and white, as well as bright primary colors.  Of course, you will be spending many hours around the clock in that nursery, so be certain that you, as well as the baby, enjoy the outcome of the room

No matter what themes or colors you choose in the nursery, you will spend some precious moments in there with your little one.  These are memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life so, above all, put a lot of love into decorating it, and you will have created the perfect lullaby land for your baby.

Fall in Love with Decorative Fabrics!

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What fabrics will be the best choice for you to consider for your home?  Window treatments, furniture, accent pieces, decorative pillows, bedding ensembles are all places that decorative fabrics can be beautifully and creatively used.   With the multitude of man-made and natural fibers available from which to select, it pays to do a little homework.

Natural Fibers.  Cotton has always been the number one choice of designers and homeowners alike.  Cotton dyes well, and has unlimited styling potential.  It tends to have a “soft hand”, and doesn’t pill or fuzz.  It’s an extremely durable fabric, and can be blended with other fibers in a textile.  Cotton can be made into beautiful, full-bodied fabrics and has long been the favorite of upholsterers.  A custom drapery made from 100% cotton fabric will be crisp or flowing, depending upon the type of fabric weave.

Wool Fibers.  Known for being springy, resilient, soft and kinky, wood fibers are extremely durable.  After bleaching, wool may be easily dyed and the fiber will retain its color depth for a very long period of time.  It is also a very expensive fiber, and for this reason you will rarely see it in decorative fabrics.  Wool tends to be used more for upholstery, area rugs and carpeting rather than draperies.

Silks.  Known for its natural luster, silk is undeniably one of the most beautiful decorative fibers of all.  There are many grades of silk, and many times silk is blended with other fibers during the manufacturing process.   Strong light may tend to discolor silk and might even disintegrate the fiber.  Today’s manufacturers have woven many fabulous designs into silk fabrics – including the popular embroidered silks.

Polyester Blends.  Man-made fibers, are used quite often in decorative textiles because of their strength. Another great characteristic of this strong fiber is its ability to stand up under strong sunlight.  Textiles manufactured of  polyester blends are also abrasion-resistant, have a soft, warm “hand” and dye extremely well.  It may be used for both drapery and upholstery fabric.  Probably the most often used textile is a blended combination of polyester and cotton.  The best characteristics of both fibers are incorporated to produce an extremely versatile and nicely priced fabric. 

Naturally, there are many other fibers used in decorative textiles, but these are the most common.  As you become more familiar with the many characteristics of fibers found in decorative textiles, choosing the right fabric for your needs becomes clear.  And of course, taking advantage of knowledge a professional decorator can offer –  like those at Decorating Den Interiors – will insure you make the right choice each and every time!